We were born with so much potential, and it is because of this potential that we need to know on how to effectively use this in born gift that we have.

It is because of this potential, that shows to us that we are so much greater than ourselves, and that we need to know this in order for us to make effective use of ourselves. I do think that it will be a total waste if we would just be sitting around here in our homes and not doing anything, well in fact, we are so much capable of doing something that would enable us to amass riches, wealth, glory, and even fame, and success.

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I do believe that we are living in a world that does not tolerate the unproductive, because once you are part of these group of people, what will happen is that you are just wasting yourself, and that you are not doing anything to make yourself worthy of having a life, because if you are productive, then you are as good as not having a life.

You were made for a purpose in this world, you were made for a reason, you were made for something, something that would use your self to contribute to the progress of this world. You were not just given life and born to this world to just take space, to occupy space, and to add up to the over saturated population of the world. What you need to do is to be able to see the meaning of life, to be able to give meaning to your life, and to be able to see to it that you are making yourself worthy of having  a life.

You are not just made to just walk this earth without no reason at all, because this is stupidity, this is a waste. What you should do is to see the potential that is hidden inside of you, and to use it to make yourself productive.

Be a productive citizen of your country in order for you to be successful, in order for you to be worthy of having a life, in order  for you to have a happy life, in order for you to see the beauty of life, in order for you to see the beauty and wonder that this world has to offer

You see, it is all just a matter of perspective. Make yourself productive.

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