Although most of you know I am a wine enthusiast, I do not recommend drinking too much or getting drunk at all. Drinking is fun, because it makes you forget your problems, it puts you in a sober state where you are feeling so gentle because of the alcohol which intoxicates you and somehow clouds your mind.

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Well, this is not really the case because when you drink too much, something will happen to you, and that this something is not entirely good. You get intoxicated by the alcohol, and when you have too much of your drink, you get intoxicated too much that it makes you dizzy, and it makes you lose control, and lessens your control over your self, because  the alcohol is now the one which control you, it have now overpowered you and you then cannot move yourself the way you want, because either you are feeling so heavy, or you are feeling so tired.

Take for instance, when I visited California recently, I met up with some of my old college buddies from London. It’s a lot different back in the day when my friends go out to party at night and get home all tipsy and drunk. As we got older we no longer prefer to do so but I guess that’s normal. The owner of took really good care of us as one of his drivers chauffeured us all throughout San Bernardino, he even allows strong liquor but also provided us some wine in the limo. And he jokingly reminded us not to leave vomit on the floors.

We went through some wine tours around different cities in the county, and a few near Riverside. Although the trip involved a lot of drinking, we drank only enough and not a pint more. We made it a point to remain sober all throughout the excursion to fully enjoy it.

I personally do not like getting drunk. In fact, I discourage it. Another thing which usually happens when you drink too much is that you start to become a different version of yourself, you start to become twisted, and you forget the morality of things. You forget to do what is the right thing to do, and you forget things, you  forget what you stand for, you put your responsibilities aside and sometimes just put it to waste and throw it away. (Most would be unable to tell the time, but not this guy though!)

Because of this, you will then be capable of doing things which are wrong, which will let  you lose out of yourself, and would let you see that you are a different person. You can commit immoral acts, you can commit crime, you can commit terror, and all those kinds of things. You have a high possibility to become and turn into a violent  person.

The other thing which might happen is that you will feel sick, and  you would want to vomit because of the amount of alcohol that is already becoming unstable in your physical  self, in your physical system. It  is because of this that you then start to feel sick and you go out of your mind  even more. You start to become dizzy, you want to vomit, you want to just lie down and rest and sleep but you can’t because you are having a hard time in managing your urges in vomiting.

You tremble on your knees when there is no one to support you, and you forget where you are, who you are, and what you are… all of these because of too much intoxication.

This might sound a cliche but it really should be observed by everyone: drink moderately!

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