I really do believe that we all have our  unique personalities, wherein there are times in our lives that we get  outraged by something or someone.

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Sometimes, what usually happens is that we really do not know our real selves, we really do not know our true selves, which is why when extreme moments come and are experienced by us,  we are usually left within the fringes of our minds, and we forget to control our hidden selves, because we have not prepared for this because we do not know that we are capable of it.

This is why we need to learn on how to know our real selves, we need to know our true selves, on what we really are, in order  for us to know what we are capable of. Because when we get to know what we are capable of, we are then doing things to refrain from it happening, if ever that thing is not good, or if it is wrong. We prepare ourselves, we ready ourselves, and we see to it that we are able to control ourselves if ever we get to experience that, because if not, then it will lead and result to something which is wrong.

We need to know our true selves in order for us to know when to control, and in order for us to know how to control. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to get any anger management therapy or counselling like what Dave went through in this movie.

Our temper is  so unpredictable, and most of the time, we are left with no choice other than to just go with the flow, and just let it happen. We just let it happen because we are caught off guard and we are now overwhelmed with our outrage, with our anger, with our maddening rage, because we didn’t know  that we have a very low tolerance to patience, which is why when things happen to us, we then immediately burst, we procrastinate, we get mad, and in the process we hurt someone or hurt ourselves.

This is very wrong, which is why we need to control our temper.

This is not  only regarding our physical selves, but this is also regarding our well being and our psychological state. We are happier if we can control our temper because we will have happy hormones with us. We are happier because of this, and because we know how to control ourselves. We have then the needed and the reserved energy and time that we can do to do more important and productive things.

This is why you need to take over the reins your temper, my friend.

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