I do believe that we are living in a world that is balanced. Balanced in a sense that we need to know on what are our responsibilities and at the same time, know on where to leave this serous responsibilities, and refresh our minds, have fun, enjoy life, do stupid things, well of course, it should be right, and should not be wrong.

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We need to be able to learn on what is the right  thing to do with our lives, which is why we would then become productive people.

I do believe that we need to be productive, and that one way of being productive is by having a work, and having a stable source of income. Well, life is not just about  being productive, because productive means a  lot of things, depending on the context.

What I would like to  say regarding this is that we should learn on how to balance fun, which is our leisure, and work, which is our responsibilities.

If we are having too much of fun, then we would then become unproductive people, we would forget the meaning of life, and we would just waste our lives doing nothing, because what we like to do with our lives is to just have fun, drink, party, play games, have fun, or those sorts of things. We need to not be like this, because this is not life, this is a life wasted, this is a wasted life, and you have just wasted your life because you are too scared to face the reality of the world.

I would like to remind each and every one of you that you should know that you are capable of something much more greater than yourselves. You have the intellect, the intelligence, the skills, the wisdom, and all those sorts of things. You should not forget all of this, you should learn on how to tap onto the opportunities in this world because there are literally lots of them scattered, waiting for you to see and tap onto.

On the other hand, we need to not be just too much focused on work for the rest of our lives, because if that is the case then life would be so boring, life would be so dull, we would not have happiness, we could not find the love that we need to make us feel alive, we cannot find the true meaning of life, you cannot see the beauty of the world, the wonder of the world, because you are just lodged into the serious responsibilities in life that just makes you see  the half side of life.

Learn to balance things, and have a complete and a whole life.

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