The Best London Taverns for Celebrity Watching

    When you are in London, you should be prepared to see celebrities all around you. European cities like London are a haven for celebrities. Celebrities are often attracted to the European way of life, and they often share the same political views that are held by Europeans. Mostly, celebrities just enjoy being able to kick back, relax and enjoy some great beer at the amazing taverns of London.

    The next time that you are in London, you should be sure to try visiting one of the Read the rest of this entry »

    The Most Famous Tavern in London

    Tourists and visitors who are in search of the best destinations for their upcoming London visit would do well to consider the many historic taverns and pubs that the city has to offer. Enjoying a drink or a meal in a more historic environment, or at the most popular taverns and destinations, could be a great deal more fun than you may have imagined. Missing out on your chance to experience more enjoyable attractions and destinations on the Read the rest of this entry »

    The Best Places in London to Party All Night

    With hundreds of nightclubs to choose from, London has no shortage of hot party spots. Live music and well known club DJs fill the district with sound and fun. Compiling a list of the best venues for the avid clubber was difficult, but here are a few that will surely get your heart pumping and feet moving.

    Ministry of Sound – This nightclub lives up to its name. The sound system is never cranked more than 50 because of its sheer power. Any given weekend sees 5000 festive Read the rest of this entry »

    Where to Find the Best Beer in London

    The question of where to find the best beer in London depends on what type of beer one is looking for and in what type of surroundings. A search for the best in ale should end at Market Porter near Borough market. On the other hand, if your beer drinking experience depends on where you consume your pint then Ye Old Mitre is where you will find you best beer. Ye Old Mitre is a traditional style pub owed by the Cambridgeshire Police Force.The full explanation can be found at Read the rest of this entry »

    The Top London Spots for Wine Lovers

    London Is For Wine Lovers

    Wine lovers visiting London will be impressed by the many places to test local and imported wine. The list is so long of worthy places to stop that it can even seem overwhelming, but having too many options is better than too few. It is a fun and exciting journey to wander through the beautiful city of London trying different restaurants and wineries.

    London Is Fairly New To The Game

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    What Are the Alcohol Regulations in Great Britain?

    When visiting a different country such as Great Britain it is important to understand the rules and regulations when it comes to drinking alcohol. While here in America the legal drinking age is 21, Great Britain has lowered the legal drinking age to 18 and even allows minors to drink alcohol when in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. While it is not recommended that minors drink in public, enjoying a beverage at home or at a friend’s house is completely acceptable.

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    What Is the Legal Drinking Age in London?

    Many teens are disappointed by the fact that the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, although lawmakers feel that this is in the best interest of these teens as well as others. If you are a teen who is bummed out by the drinking age in the United States, you should consider traveling to London for a fun, bar- and club-hopping experience, as the legal drinking age in London is 18.

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    Three London Pubs That You Cannot Miss

    Nothing is more iconic of late-night London culture than a pub. Finding one to experience yourself when you finally have the opportunity to be in London is paramount to any British holiday. After arrival you will see that pubs are certainly not in short supply. The trick is not to waste your time on anything except the best in the city. Read below for detailed descriptions of the most popular pubs in all of London. Waxy O’Connor’s is located on the 14-16 block of Rupert Street and is a favorite among locals. Anyone who has a taste for pub food will love this place. The kitchen creates local favorites throughout the night that keeps people coming back for another taste. Reviewers speak very highly of the music and the overall ambiance of the place as well. The Crown on Crinklewood Broadway is a fancy and historic place to have a pint. There are bus stops right in front of the pub to make sure that those that have had too much to drink get home safely. It is adjacent to a hotel, Direct TV satellite, but the bands that play on Sunday are immensely popular. The Edward Pub is in a very imposing Edwardian-style building. The interior is not the least bit modernized. The architecture alone is a good reason to have a drink here.