Don’t Drink Too Much

Although most of you know I am a wine enthusiast, I do not recommend drinking too much or getting drunk at all. Drinking is fun, because it makes you forget your problems, it puts you in a sober state where you are feeling so gentle because of the alcohol which intoxicates you and somehow clouds your mind.

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Well, this is not really the case because when you drink too much, something will happen to you, and that this something is not entirely good. You get intoxicated by the alcohol, and when you have too much of your drink, you get intoxicated too much that it makes you dizzy, and it makes you lose control, and lessens your control over your self, because  the alcohol is now the one which control you, it have now overpowered you and you then cannot move yourself the way you want, because either you are feeling so heavy, or you are feeling so tired.

Take for instance, when I visited California recently, I met up with some of my old college buddies from London. It’s a lot different back in the day when my friends go out to party at night and get home all tipsy and drunk. As we got older we no longer prefer to do so but I guess that’s normal. The owner of took really good care of us as one of his drivers chauffeured us all throughout San Bernardino, he even allows strong liquor but also provided us some wine in the limo. And he jokingly reminded us not to leave vomit on the floors.

We went through some wine tours around different cities in the county, and a few near Riverside. Although the trip involved a lot of drinking, we drank only enough and not a pint more. We made it a point to remain sober all throughout the excursion to fully enjoy it.

I personally do not like getting drunk. In fact, I discourage it. Another thing which usually happens when you drink too much is that you start to become a different version of yourself, you start to become twisted, and you forget the morality of things. You forget to do what is the right thing to do, and you forget things, you  forget what you stand for, you put your responsibilities aside and sometimes just put it to waste and throw it away. (Most would be unable to tell the time, but not this guy though!)

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Controlling Your Temper

I really do believe that we all have our  unique personalities, wherein there are times in our lives that we get  outraged by something or someone.

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Sometimes, what usually happens is that we really do not know our real selves, we really do not know our true selves, which is why when extreme moments come and are experienced by us,  we are usually left within the fringes of our minds, and we forget to control our hidden selves, because we have not prepared for this because we do not know that we are capable of it.

This is why we need to learn on how to know our real selves, we need to know our true selves, on what we really are, in order  for us to know what we are capable of. Because when we get to know what we are capable of, we are then doing things to refrain from it happening, if ever that thing is not good, or if it is wrong. We prepare ourselves, we ready ourselves, and we see to it that we are able to control ourselves if ever we get to experience that, because if not, then it will lead and result to something which is wrong.

We need to know our true selves in order for us to know when to control, and in order for us to know how to control. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to get any anger management therapy or counselling like what Dave went through in this movie.

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Balancing Fun and Work

I do believe that we are living in a world that is balanced. Balanced in a sense that we need to know on what are our responsibilities and at the same time, know on where to leave this serous responsibilities, and refresh our minds, have fun, enjoy life, do stupid things, well of course, it should be right, and should not be wrong.

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We need to be able to learn on what is the right  thing to do with our lives, which is why we would then become productive people.

I do believe that we need to be productive, and that one way of being productive is by having a work, and having a stable source of income. Well, life is not just about  being productive, because productive means a  lot of things, depending on the context.

What I would like to  say regarding this is that we should learn on how to balance fun, which is our leisure, and work, which is our responsibilities.

If we are having too much of fun, then we would then become unproductive people, we would forget the meaning of life, and we would just waste our lives doing nothing, because what we like to do with our lives is to just have fun, drink, party, play games, have fun, or those sorts of things. We need to not be like this, because this is not life, this is a life wasted, this is a wasted life, and you have just wasted your life because you are too scared to face the reality of the world.

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Turning Your Insecurities to Strengths

I know that we all have our strengths, and we all have our weaknesses. We all have these things within us, and because of this, we tend to gauge ourselves and see if we can do something.

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Unfortunately, when we see our weaknesses, we tend to look at the negative side of it, we tend to look at the pessimistic side of it, and we see to ourselves that we cannot do it. We become insecure, and we think that we cannot make it because others are better than us, or we think we are having a downside or a big disadvantage simply because someone is better than us.

Well in reality, it is not really like that or it may not be like that. Turning your insecurities to strengths is also one way of telling yourself that you need to show that you can make it, because this is the only way for you to prosper  in life. This is the only way for you to persevere in life. You need to be able to accept your weaknesses, in order for you to make amendments to it, and so  that you could improve on it, learn on it, and improve on it.

Your weaknesses are just normal, and you need to know that this is normal because you also have  your strengths. There is no one in this world that only have disadvantages and weaknesses, because these are just balanced. Some may say that they are unfortunate because they see too many disabilities with them.

But to say, these are all just a matter of perspectives, just a matter of outlook. It is about how you see things, and if you see for yourself that you can make it, then you can make it. If you see yourself as someone that can do the job, do the work, then you can really do the work, because you believe in yourself.

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Making Yourself Productive

We were born with so much potential, and it is because of this potential that we need to know on how to effectively use this in born gift that we have.

It is because of this potential, that shows to us that we are so much greater than ourselves, and that we need to know this in order for us to make effective use of ourselves. I do think that it will be a total waste if we would just be sitting around here in our homes and not doing anything, well in fact, we are so much capable of doing something that would enable us to amass riches, wealth, glory, and even fame, and success.

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I do believe that we are living in a world that does not tolerate the unproductive, because once you are part of these group of people, what will happen is that you are just wasting yourself, and that you are not doing anything to make yourself worthy of having a life, because if you are productive, then you are as good as not having a life.

You were made for a purpose in this world, you were made for a reason, you were made for something, something that would use your self to contribute to the progress of this world. You were not just given life and born to this world to just take space, to occupy space, and to add up to the over saturated population of the world. What you need to do is to be able to see the meaning of life, to be able to give meaning to your life, and to be able to see to it that you are making yourself worthy of having  a life.

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